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Michael Ciurleo is an accomplished photographer with a background in headshot, portrait, commercial and product photography with a history in fashion.

Michael’s first discovered his love for photography at sixteen, when he worked co-op for a modelling agency. It was here that Michael was exposed to film on both sides of the camera, learning to process film and acting as an extra for film and TV shows. This instilled in him a love for the craft and a desire to hone his skills beyond his minimal experience. Michael found a mentor in the Lead Photographer at the agency and developed his own personal style throughout his mentor’s teaching.

Michael Studied Photography at Sheridan college and went on to found his own company. His personal style has evolved from unfocused expression to clear statement. He pours his heart and soul into his photography and is constantly pushing himself to experiment with new styles, new techniques, and different methods of training. 

Michael is a great lover of travel, as his travels around the world after college led to meeting his wife. He currently lives in Toronto with his beautiful wife and two children.

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